What is a trucker hat?

Trucker hats are a type of baseball hat. It is known by various names such as a mesh hat, a feed cap or a gimme cap. The hat started out as a promotional give-away from farming supply companies, and many truck drivers received the hat through means of delivery and purchases. The hat coined its name from the truck drivers who wore it constantly.

The Trucker hat resembles a baseball cap in many ways. It has a somewhat curved bill in the front, several panels that join together to form the hat, and a typical baseball cap style button on the top. The trucker hat is constructed with five panels, four of the panels on the back and sides are made out of mesh, and the fifth panel on the front which is the largest panel is made of foam or a cotton material.

The front portion of the trucker hat, above the bill, is a large foam panel where you would likely see a printed logo or a patch. Originally, trucker hats had the company logo of the feed store or farming supply store that gave them away. The logo was either printed on the foam front of the hat or it was a patch that was sewn onto the front panel of the hat. Today, we have become accustomed to seeing trucker hats with all sorts of different pictures, funny messages, cool logos and ones that represent our favorite band. The foam panel of the trucker hat also stands up pretty straight and stiff which makes it a little taller than your average baseball cap.

Although the front panel of the trucker hat is usually foam, which could cause you to be pretty sweaty on a hot summer day, the rest of the hat is made a breathable mesh that allows a nice breeze to cool a hot head. Definitely a bit cooler feature than your standard cotton fabric baseball cap. Another great feature of the trucker hat is that it has an adjustable snap closure on the back of the hat. So no matter what size head you have, the trucker hat is designed to fit!

Trucker hats have become a popular fashion statement today, especially among the American youth. These hats are still available as promotional items but are typically worn these days as a trendy addition to American youth style.

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