What is a set up fee?

Set up fees are a set of fees that are required to begin a task at hand. With custom printing and embroidery set up fees could include artwork fees which are needed when creating or modifying a design, and could also include a fee to cover the digitizing of a design for embroidery. It is also not uncommon for companies to charge a separate fee for screens when it comes to screen printing. Set up fees might even refer to general separate shipping fees. In that way a set up fee can be considered almost a catchall term to describe any set of additional fees on an order.

Set fees often make sense from the company's standpoint since these aspects of the order do of course cost them extra. The problem with set up fees from the customer's point of view is that it makes the final price of the order very difficult to predict and to budget for accordingly. For example it is not uncommon to begin a t-shirt project by getting quotes from a t-shirt printing company and then budgeting for this cost. Then of course problems arise when it comes time to pay for the order and all of sudden, due to the set up fees, a customer might find that they are over-budget.

That is why here at You Design It we view those extra costs as part of the cost of doing business and take every effort to give our customers all inclusive pricing. That way it is easier for customers to accurately budget for their t-shirt printing project and for them to get an accurate idea of how much they will be paying when all is said and done. We even offer free shipping!

Just call us for a custom quote at 1-800-571-7615. If you already have your own custom design that you would like to use you can also upload that design to us from the home page for a price quote. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to understand how much you will be paying without all of the unnecessary fees and certainly no hidden ones. That means that in nearly all cases we will be able to give you a unit cost per shirt, and to calculate your grand total all you will need to do is multiply that amount out by the total number of shirts you have. In other words if the shirts are $10 each and you have ten pieces then you will pay $100. It is that simple!

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