What is a rush fee?

A rush fee is an extra amount paid by the customer to guarantee delivery faster than the normal turnaround time. Our rush fees are quoted with custom pricing based on when the order is placed, when the order is needed, and where the order is being shipped. Depending on these various factors the rush fee can be quite small, or even be completely waived, or it can be rather large.

Our standard turnaround time is shipping within 7 to 10 business days. Orders that are shipped out using this standard turnaround time get free shipping. In addition to this great standard option we also have rush options available which we have rough estimates for based on shipping out within six business days and three business days. Those are just rough estimates; however, because we actually offer the exact rush days needed even if your delivery date doesn't fall within three or six business days. What I mean by this is if you need your order delivered within five business days, or four, we can simply adjust the pricing and still give a guarantee for that specific delivery date.

The listed estimated amount for six business days is a 25% upcharge on the total order. The estimated amount for three business days is a 50% upcharge on the total order. Again, however, this is simply an estimate. The actual amount is sometimes more, but in most cases it is actually less.

To get a custom quote for a rush delivery please give us a call at 1-800-571-7615 and provide us with the information needed above. That would be the delivery date needed, the city we are shipping too, and when the order would be placed. We always do our best to keep our rush fees as low as possible and in some instances we are even able to waive the completely. The purpose of the rush fee is not to make us more money, it is only to cover the extra cost associated with doing the rush. If we can do it for less than estimated above we absolutely will.

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