What is a ringer t-shirt?

Ringer t-shirts are a style in which the shirt fabric is one color, but the ribbing used for the collar and the sleeve bands are of a contrasting color. These color combinations are most common with the body being white and the contrasting color on the collar and sleeve being something else. The second most common color of the body is heather gray.

Although the ringer t-shirt can be used for many different occasions, the most common usage we see is for schools and teams. Schools use them for students of all ages and typically gets them to breakaway and add a little flavor aside from the standard t-shirt. They stand out from the crowd because of the contrasting colors and don't cost a whole lot more for the fashionable look.

The fit of the ringer t-shirts is very similar to that of a standard t-shirt. Other than the ladies ringer tee, the standard ringer t-shirt is considered unisex and is produced with a loose/casual fit for all body types per size.

While the ringer tee has many different body to collar color combinations, we are still limited to what is produced by the major manufacturers. It is not uncommon for us to be asked for a specific color combination and whether or not we can make it. Unfortunately, we are not able to produce the actual t-shirts and are limited to what we can purchase from the wholesalers. The good news is each year they are adding color combinations to be more in line with the most popular team and school colors throughout the United States.

The ringer tee shirt is a great option for church and recreational softball leagues. They stand out from a regular t-shirt but costs much less than an actual jersey which is sometimes considered overkill and not cost effective for recreational leagues.

The ringer t-shirt is a very popular style as far as our sales go. One suggestion we have when choosing the ringer t-shirt is to let us know if you want us to closely match the contrasting color on the sleeves and collar with the ink we use for print. This is a value added feature we offer at no extra cost.

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