What is a raglan or baseball t-shirt?

A raglan shirt is known by many names such as the baseball shirt or raglan tee. This shirt is notably characterized by its sleeves which extend in one piece completely to the collar. This leaves a slanting seam from the underarm to the collarbone. In addition the sleeves are usually found in both half and three quarter length varieties.

A raglan t-shirt is actually named for the style of sleeve. A raglan sleeve is a sleeve that is distinguishable by one full piece of fabric that extends from the collar down to the end of the sleeve. On this type of shirt you will notice that the seam between the sleeve and the body of the t-shirt is slanted from the neck area to the area underneath the arm. This give the shirt a very unique, distinctive style.

Typically, the sleeve of the raglan t-shirt is a completely different color than the rest of the shirt. Traditionally raglan tees were characterized by a white shirt body with a different colored sleeve and color such as blue, black, or red. Today’s creative minds, however, sometimes come up with unusual color combinations to make their t-shirt stand out. Bright color combos such as neon orange and green or hot pink and purple have been seen on this style of shirt recently. These are certainly hard to miss!

Here is a little known, but fun fact about how the raglan t-shirt got its name: It was named after the first Baron Raglan who lost his arm in the Battle of Waterloo. This type of shirt was made to fit over the Baron’s coat on the side where he lost his arm. Thus the raglan tee has historical significance as well as a generally cool appearance.

Raglan t-shirts, although a functional part of Baron Raglan’s wardrobe, are mostly worn as a fashion statement today. They are worn by children, teens, and adults of every background. Raglan t-shirts are also very popular for exercise and in sports. They are particularly popular with the sport of baseball. In fact the raglan tee’s tie to baseball is how it received its other commonly used name, that of of the baseball t-shirt.

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