What is a polo cap?

One of our best looking and most popular hats is the polo cap. Yet, we receive many different questions from customers who aren't familiar with this hat. Most of these questions basically boil down to just "What is a polo cap?" So let's cover the main points.

A polo cap is classified as a style of baseball hat, and it is characterized by its unstructured front crown and its adjustable buckle on the back. This style of hat can be constructed of many different kinds of materials, but a cotton twill blend fabric is the most common.

What does that mean exactly in terms of the specifics of each description? Well, a baseball cap is generally considered to be a 6 panel hat in the same style which one can easily imagine being appropriate for the ball field. In simple terms this may be the standard cap that people think about when they image a cap. The unstructured front crown just means that there is no internal hard structure in the front two panels. In other words the hat's crown, but not the bill of course, is completely soft just like the other panels. This type of hat doesn't hold its shape unless it is on someone's head and very often this type of hat is considered to be very comfortable.

The adjustable buckle on the back of course is pretty self explanatory. It just means that the hat has a sliding brass bucket which enables the hat to be resized to fit the specific wearer. This type of back is very popular and often considered to be very stylish. Finally, while the polo cap can be made from many different types of materials cotton twill is the most common. Twill simply refers to the pattern that the cotton is woven with. The Twill pattern is a very popular pattern due to its naturally strong, durable structure and it's attractive appearance. So that, in a nutshell, is what the polo cap is. When it comes to customizing a polo cap, embroidery is by far the most sought after method due to professional, high quality look.

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