What is a one location print?

A one location print is defined as apparel or other various items that have a design that is being printed in only one location. For example if a shirt is being printed with a logo on the front chest it is considered to be a one location print, but if there is a logo being printed on the front chest and a design on the back as well it would be considered a two location print.

When looking to price and design custom t-shirts it good to keep in mind that the number of locations affects the price per shirt. The way this works it the more locations you add the more each shirt will cost.

The number of print colors per location also impacts the price. For example doing a four color print in two locations is going to be a lot more expensive than doing a two color print in one location. However, since the price is based on the number of print colors as well as locations that means that doing something like three print colors in a single location would be more expensive than one print color in two locations. Essentially the way the price is calculated is by adding up all the colors in all the locations. So in the first example you would be priced for three colors (three colors in a single location) whereas in the second example you would be priced for two print colors (one print color in two locations). That means that something like four print colors front and back would be priced essentially like eight colors total.

As you can see doing multiple locations definitely adds up, especially if you're doing several colors at each location. One way to offset that is to reduce the number of ink colors in your design. Doing one ink color front and back will be a lot cheaper than doing four ink colors front and back. In general try to keep the number of print colors and print locations to a minimum to maximize the most cost effective pricing.

Ultimately of course what matters is customer satisfaction. In the long run you may be much happier paying for multiple locations and/or multiple print colors per location because even though it adds to the price it may also add to your enjoyment with the shirt. It's all about balancing cost effectiveness with satisfaction.

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