What is a military hat?

Military hats are described as a soft cap with a firm, rounded visor, and a flat crown. However, while we typically refer to this hat as the “military hat” on our website, there are quite a few other names for this type of hat which you may have also heard including: Fidel cap, patrol cap, and field cap to name just a few. The many various names are a result of the fact that this hat is often associated with several different professions who are known to wear it. The military hat can be found in many colors, especially grays, greens, browns, and other traditionally military fatigues colors; however, they are also available in an array of other colors, even bright colors like pink. The military hat is usually manufactured using cotton twill fabric.

While of course the military hat may be most known for its use in the military it is by no means only a hat for soldiers. It is actually very popular with civilians as well for its unique look, soft feel, and durable nature. In fact they are become a very popular and fashionable choice for many varied demographics of people. This is a hat which is ideal for clubs and other organizations, while still being a great, comfortable hat that would be fun to order with a group of friends or family.

When it comes to customization and personalization, embroidery is the most common method and it looks really sharp on the Military hat which is known for its distinct look and feel as well as its durability. This is great because embroidery itself is a very professional, durable form of customization. Together the military hat and custom embroidery make quite a powerful combination that is sure to delight almost anyone.

The cotton twill fabric is a high quality, comfortable yet sturdy material which can easily hold up for years. The military hat also features an adjustable back and precurved bill so it is quick and easy to get the fit right and be wearing a great looking, stylish hat as soon as you receive it. So make the military hat a part of your daily uniform and relax knowing that you have a great looking, comfortable, high quality hat that is suitable for many occasions.

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