What is a henley t-shirt?

Henley t-shirts are a style of collarless men's casual wear pullover shirt. They are characterized by a 4-6 inch long set of buttons underneath the neckline. It basically resembles a collarless polo shirt. The sleeves may be either short or long, and it can be made in almost any fabric; although, 100% cotton and 50/50 blends are by far the most popular. Henley shirts are generally regarded as menswear, but recently woman's versions have begun appearing as well.

These t-shirts have been popular as softball and baseball team t-shirts because of their difference from a regular standard t-shirt. The plastic buttons at the top of the t-shirt give them an added touch that is useful for differentiating your group. Very often teams prefer the henley style t-shirt to a regular, standard tee.

According to Wikipedia, the henley t-shirt received its name from a small town called Henley-On-Thames in England where the rowers were known to wear this style shirt. It then received global recognition when Ralph Lauren decided to mass produce and market them because he liked the styling and had never seen them before. Nowadays they are available in many different brands.

The henley tee does cost considerably more than a regular t-shirt. This add cost can range from $3-$6 per shirt depending on the quantity ordered. The reason for this price increase is due to the added materials, labor, and production costs from the manufacturing standpoint. The collar has to be cut and sewn differently and buttons added. These features of course are what make the henley tee such a unique item and are what should be the determining factors in choosing a henley over regular t-shirts. The added cost would be the other major determining factor.

The color selection for henleys is limited because it is not one of the most popular shirts by volume. It comes and goes as a trendy t-shirt and the purchasing follows those trends by consumers. At this point the color options are down to just a handful of the most popular colors. All in all, choose the henley t-shirt if you are looking for something out of the norm and if you enjoy the style.

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