What is a font?

A font is usually defined as a specific size and style of typeface within a type family. Fonts are seen as a great way to complement a design, and they are very helpful when trying to accomplish a theme or tone of a design graphic.

Using different fonts for your design can actually have a huge impact on the way the design is perceived. For example the same text written in a horror style font will have a very different effect as one written in a bold, typeface style font, or one written in a handwritting style font. Many people also like to select fonts that they feel help express their personality or the personality of the person or organization the t-shirts are for. Of course on a basic level people often simply choose a font because it looks cool or pretty!

A font should not be confused with a "font size" which is the general way that something like a word document or other program will refer to the size the lettering is being displayed or printed at. While "font size" is very helpful and useful in these types of programs it is not something that we use at all in the t-shirt industry. Instead, we will print the text (and designs) to whatever dimensions you specify, usually in inches. So for example instead of specifying a numeric value for "font size" (which isn't something that will clarify it at all in this context) please specify a value in inches for width and/or height. When ever the term "font" is used in the context of printing t-shirts, it refers to the style of the letters themselves not their size.

There are many different fonts available in the design studio to help improve your design and they are all available for free. There are tons of possibilities when it comes to font and design combinations. After all, we have printed hundreds of different styles of designs before that have been only created with fonts. It is not uncommon to have a design that is strictly typographical. When that is the case, they are referred to as typo tees or type tees.

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