What is a flexfit hat?

Flexfit hats are constructed with a type of rim-lining material that is made to be elastic. This elasticity allows the hat to stretch and still fit snug to the head. Have you ever been to a hat store hoping to find the right size fitted hat, in the brand you want, with the logo you want and been disappointed because they had every size EXCEPT your size? Familiar I know! Well, not anymore! The flexfit hat is a fitted hat that’s also adjustable. Wow! The flexfit style rim-lining can be found in many different styles of hats, such as baseball, flat bill, trucker, military and more.

Flexfit hats are typically constructed to resemble the average baseball cap. They are made with six panels that are sewn together to form the cap. They have the typical embroidered eyelets for ventilation at the top of each of the six panels and the top of the hat - or crown of the hat as it is usually known in the industry - has a matching fabric button that is sewn into place. Flexfit hats also have a standard baseball style brim, or bill, that protrudes from the front of the hat. The bill can either be flat or curved, depending on the wearer’s preference.

Flexible sizing hats are highly sought after considering the fact that you can buy them in two or three sizes and they can fit almost every size head. Considering this creative and pretty awesome flexible sizing, you may have concerns about the price. Well don’t! Flexfit hats are priced right, meaning they are just a little more expensive than a typical baseball cap. For the increased money spent, they are well worth the added value.

Flexfit hats can easily be customized through the technique of embroidery. Embroidery adds a highly durable and long lasting form of customization to these hats. You can choose from various colors of embroidery, logos, fonts and other art. You can even upload your own logo for embroidery on the hat. Flexfit hats are a very popular, stylish and comfortable type of hat that your are sure to love. We sure do!

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