What is a flat bill hat?

Flat bill hats are a style of baseball hat, and they are largely recognized for their flat or strait brim located on the front. This type of hat is manufactured with six panels, and all six panels are usually constructed with a cotton based material.

Flat bill hats are distinguishable from typical baseball style hats because they have a very flat visor, also called a brim or bill. The bill of the hat is usually kept flat, straight and stiff by a thick piece of paper based material that’s sewn into the bill. There are usually several rows of stitching on the bill that only add to the stiffness and durability of a flat billed hat. The visor portion of a baseball cap was traditionally designed to shade a baseball player’s eyes from the sun. Today, the different ways to shape your bill are more of fashion statement than a functional necessity.

Flat bill hats are very durable and long lasting caps. They are constructed of heavy material such as cotton, wool or polyester. The caps are constructed with 6 panels that are sewn together to form the hat. Theses 6 panels make for a sturdy hat that’s also very stylish.

Although, the flat bill hat is recognized as a baseball style cap, it has several other features that are important to the style, functionality and durability of the hat. As discussed, flat bill hats are constructed using 6 panels of highly durable and long lasting material. Also discussed, is that these hats have a stiff, flat bill protruding from the front of the hat. Another feature of the flat bill hat is that it typically has a padded headband inside of the hat to provide comfort to the wearer and allows for extended wear. The flat bill hat also has several embroidered eyelets on the crown of the hat that help with ventilation. Finally, the crown of the hat where the 6 panels meet is usually topped with a matching fabric button.

The two panels on the front of the hat are where most of the customization takes place. Embroidery is the number one method when personalizing this style of cap. Embroidery is a high quality, long lasting customization method of adding a personal touch to any cap. These caps can be embroidered using a variety of stitch colors, fonts and logos or pictures.

Flat bill hats are available in fitted sizes and with an adjustable strap in the back. They are also available a flexible-fit style that allows for a semi-fitted and semi-adjustable fit. Flat bill hats are very popular in anyone going for a distinct urban look.

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