What is a blog?

The word blog is a portmanteau, or blended word, that was fused together from the words "web log." Of course nowadays the term "blog" is much more popular and better known than the term "web log." In fact there’s a good chance that people won’t even understand what you are talking about if you mention a web log.

In general blogs are a type of websites, or in some cases parts of other larger websites, that consist of an editor and followers. Blogs are usually based on a theme, and an editor regulates post entries that are tailored to the blog’s followers. The editor can provide information in several ways such as graphics, videos, and of course traditional text. Depending on the purpose of the blog, as well as of course its writers and readers, a blog can be a lot like an online journal, or it can be more like an online newspaper, or of course anything in between. The content may be purely opinion based, purely informative and factual in nature, or some combination of the two.

Visitors are generally allowed to leave comments on the editors’ post via widgets. Being interactive is what generally sets blogs apart from other static websites. However, despite this it is also not completely unheard of for some blogs to not allow the posting of comments by readers and other visitors. Blogs are looked upon as a great way to get the latest and greatest information.

The great thing about blogs is that they exist in almost any type of niche imaginable. That makes them a fun and effective way for people from all over the world to follow a particular interest or hobby that they might have. Blogs are a daily part of many people’s lives.

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