What is a 50/50 t-shirt made of?

A 50/50 t-shirt usually refers to a shirt being made out of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It is also commonly known as a blend or cotton/poly blend. This synthetic blend of fabric is known for its durability and overall resistance to shrinking when washed.

The pricing for 50/50 t-shirts is just about the same as it is for 100% cotton so pricing should really not be a factor in the decision between the two. The decision between the two should really come down to the personal preference or intended use of the person wearing the t-shirt. When durability and rough usage of the printed t-shirts is a determining factor, then a 50/50 cotton polyester blend is going to be better for that need.

Another benefit of a synthetic blend t-shirt is the lack of shrinkage when washing and drying the t-shirts. The blend isn't exactly immune to shrinking because it does still contain cotton in the fabric makeup but it is much less likely to have a noticeable amount of shrinkage that can change the fit of the tee.

The popularity of blended fabric t-shirts is on the rise. This is because of the new innovations created with the intent of improving the overall performance and wear of t-shirts as a whole. The big multinational sports companies have to create new types of blends that fit better, last longer, and handle moisture better. The reason this is important is because our industry is usually 1 to 2 years behind the technology and we get to reap the benefits. In the last decade, our industry has been flooded with wicking t-shirts and other blends adding to our overall t-shirt selection.

The color options are being increased as well as the prices are going down yearly as our manufacturers get a better handle on production and distribution of these new blended tees. All of this is really driven by the consumers and their purchasing trends. If one of our wholesalers has a bestseller, you can bet the others will catch on by producing their own blended t-shirts. This increase in competition improves the product and lowers the prices. Everybody becomes a winner in this case.

Just a quick note...the 50/50 blended standard t-shirts are very similar to 100% cotton tee shirts in many ways. The older belief that you can feel the difference is becoming less and less true. Also, the print qualities are becoming much more similar as well.

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