What does washed mean for t-shirts and hats?

The term "washed" is simply a descriptive word for the worn or faded look of t-shirts and hats. It is a very popular style of manufacturing t-shirts and hats to look as if they had been washed or worn for many years. The catch is that they are still very much brand new.

The washed style is a very good type of apparel to select when your design is distressed or vintage. This pairs the theme up very well because the distressed look of your design will match with the distressed look of your t-shirts. Keep in mind however, that although the design may be distressed, the ink will still be new. This makes both the t-shirt and the print new but with an old throwback appearance.

This older looking, faded style is a trend that comes and goes in the clothing industry. Sometimes the washed, faded style is very much the style of the day and other times people are going for a new, crisp look. Nevertheless, the washed style has enduring popularity and it will almost certainly have its own group of followers in any fashion era. That makes washed hats and t-shirts a very popular choice for customers.

The term washed is also commonly used with the fabric term chino. Chino is a twill fabric typically made using cotton. This fabric has been around a very long time and is great for accomplishing the washed look during production. In fact chino fabric and the washed style are very complimentary to each other. Here at You Design It you will most often see the term chino applied to hats and very often to our washed style hats.

Another option that customers should be aware of if they are looking for a nice, faded, vintage style design is the distressing option. Distressing in this context has nothing to do with the clothing itself. Instead we are referring to the ability to run the design through a distressed filter for printing. That will give the printing the appearance of being much older and more worn than it otherwise would be. Distressed designs work in combination very well with washed fabric.

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