What does 50/50 mean for the product Jerzees 50/50 or Gildan 50/50?

50/50 stands for the proportion of fabric types in the product. In the case of the Jerzees 50/50 or the Gildan 50/50 for instance the fabric is a combination of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. This synthetic blend is usually chosen because of the material being a little more durable. 50/50 blend items also typically have less potential for shrinkage when washed.

The pricing for the 50/50 is usually right in line with the 100% cotton t-shirts and really shouldn't be a factor when deciding between the two. Instead it is better to focus other factors like personal preference in terms of the feel of the material, as well as potential wear and other such factors. For instance many people find that a 50/50 blend item requires less upkeep than a 100% cotton item because they resist and recover from wrinkles a little bit easier.

Comfort and feel are definitely big motivating factors as well. However, there is no clear answer in terms of which is more comfortable. Some people find that the 50/50 is more comfortable because it is lightweight and breathes well. Many people also prefer the feel of the 50/50 blend fabric. On the other hand, many people find that cotton is the more comfortable choice and prefer the way that it feels. Items made of 100% cotton also typically come in a full range of weights and can generally be found in very lightweight, thin options, as well as middleweight, and heavyweight options.

Occasionally the type of printing that will be added to the item may be a factor. For instance items made of 100% cotton hold printing done using the digital printing technique much better than 50/50 blend items. For instance here at You Design It we do no offer digital printing on 50/50 blend items because the fabric does not absorb the ink as well as it would on 100% cotton items. However, screen printing is by far the superior quality method of printing and it looks great and does equally well on either fabric type. Ultimately your choice just comes down to a personal preference.

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