What color t-shirts are used to represent different types of cancer?

You will almost certainly have noticed the colored ribbon phenomenon which is used to bring support and awareness to various types of cancer, diseases, and other causes. This pervasive idea has certainly caught on and in the process it has helped countless people. We are absolutely behind it and are pleased that the t-shirt is another common tool in the fight against cancer and other diseases.

Many if not most of the different types of cancer have their own color associated with them. When people wear this color, not just as a ribbon but as a t-shirt or other clothing item, they are showing their support for the cause and helping to get the word out about the importance of regular screening. One of the most common types of fundraising events to help battle cancer is of course a walk of some kind. During these walks it is the norm to see people wearing t-shirts that are of that particular type of cancer’s color. Often the design printed on the t-shirt will also incorporate that color into it.

This trend is certainly a great way to get the message out and to create uniformity for those supporting the cause. Getting custom t-shirts for cancer charity events is an idea that has been around for about as long as the events themselves have been. We are proud to occasionally be a part of the cause when customers order their custom t-shirts from us for these events.

One thing which many people are curious about is which color represents which type of cancer. After all if it is your first time going to one of these events you certainly don’t want to accidentally go wearing the wrong color. For that reason, as a service to our customers, here is a list of different colors and the types of cancer that each are associated with.

Here is a list of the colors and the form of cancer they represent:

Black – Melanoma

Blue – Colon cancer

Burgundy – Multiple myeloma

Green – Kidney cancer

Grey – Brain cancer

Lavender – General cancer awareness

Light Blue – Prostate cancer

Orange – Leukemia

Pearl – Lung cancer

Pink – Brest cancer

Purple – Pancreatic cancer

Teal – Ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancer

Violet – Testicular cancer

White – Retinoblastoma

Yellow – Sarcoma

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