What are the factors for screen printing pricing?

There are three major factors to be considered when looking to get the lowest possible price for screen printing on t-shirts and other apparel. Those three factors are the product chosen, the number of print locations, and the number of printed colors on each location. We will briefly go over each of these.

When choosing your product, you have a wide array of options that range from affordable to premium. This is the base factor in the quote because all screen printers order the blank goods from wholesalers and these prices are determined by the wholesalers. Thus, it stands to reason that choosing a less expensive blank item is a more economical route to take than choosing a more expensive blank item. In some circumstances depending on the number of ink colors added to the shirts and the quantity being ordered, an order with premium shirts could in fact cost less than an order for affordable shirts; however, all other specs being the same, the less expensive the product chosen, the lower your price will be.

The second factor is determining how many locations you want to print on. Printing on the front and back can be twice as much work as just printing on one side only. This adds to the time and labor and can drive up the cost. The also applies for prints that are done on the sleeves or on the sides of the shirts. These can be great looking designs that really give your design a cool, unique feel, but remember, they do impact the price.

The final major factor in determining your price is the number of ink colors printed per location. Each color printed per location will be a new screen. Each new screen costs more money and each new color printed is more labor and time. Also, remember that printing the same color on front and back will still count as two different colors because it is two different locations.

Those are the factors that impact the price at any given quantity. However, remember that the quantity itself plays a large role in the price per shirt. The more shirts ordered the lower the cost per shirt. For this reason the pricing can vary tremendously and it is often helpful to submit your artwork or call for a price quote so that you can budget appropriately.

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