What are the factors for embroidery pricing?

When looking to get items custom embroidered a couple factors to consider are product quality and price, size of the design, and number of locations being embroidered.

The first thing to consider is the price of the product being chosen before the embroidery is sewn on it. A more expensive brand name can instantly provide a base price that can be higher than other products with embroidery on them. This base price can actually vary quite a bit, especially on businesswear, polos, and other items that receive embroidery. This means that even if you get a large quantity of shirts, with an economical design embroidered on them you're still going to end up paying more, often a lot more, than you would for a more basic product.

The next determining factor in embroidery pricing is the number of locations being embroidered. If your project requires embroidery in two locations, it can cost twice as much as embroidery in just one location. This of course continues to rise as more locations are added. The most common location for polos and button down shirts is the front left chest, with the upper back as a popular secondary embroidering location. For hats front embroidery is the most common with a large number of people also opting to get embroidery on the back of the hat. However many people even choose to embroider the sleeves of their shirts or the sides of their hats. This can look really cool and really personalizes your design, but these extra locations definitely add up price wise.

The final factor is the size of the design being embroidered. The larger the design means the stitch count will be higher. This will turn into a higher price for the embroidery. Smaller, simpler designs will definitely be more economical.

Considering those three factors will ensure you the best price for what you are looking for in custom embroidered apparel. Remember that while these factors will impact the price at any quantity the quantity itself plays a role in the price per item. The more pieces ordered the lower the cost per item.

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