What are organic cotton t-shirts?

Organic cotton t-shirts are shirts that are produced from cotton that is organically grown. Organic cotton is defined as cotton that is grown from non genetically modified plants. It must be grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Organic cotton is also generally grown using only natural rain water, which helps to conserve the worlds much needed water supply. So, there are virtually no harmful chemicals involved in the growing or production of organic cotton t-shirts and there is also no wasted resources, such as our precious water.

Organic cotton farms have great benefits for the world, this country, and the communities where they are located. Organic cotton farms not only use natural rain water to help grow their crops, but in addition to that since they are pesticide free it keeps the air we breathe healthier. They are also good for the local economy because they keep a lot of people employed, even more so than on a regular farm. Since Organic cotton farms are generally chemical free, they employ workers to pick the weeds... yes, I did say pick the weeds. At least those workers have an abundance of clean, fresh air to breath!

Yes, wearing organic cotton is a smart and economically wise choice for our environment, but it’s also an intelligent choice for you! First of all, organic cotton is pure cotton. Pure organic cotton is free of harmful chemicals and pesticides that could potentially cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Have sensitive skin? Choose Organic!

Regular cotton is grown using pesticides and other chemicals that can accidentally be entered into the environment, causing harm to us and our animals. Choosing organic cotton t-shirts is an eco-friendly choice. It reduces the manufacturing of harmful chemicals and protects us from exposure to the negative effects of those chemicals. In choosing organic, you will be buying a healthier and cleaner product. You will also be benefiting the planet and its people.

Of course due to the higher cost associated with farming and harvesting organic cotton, the organic t-shirts do in turn cost more than regular t-shirts. Many people, especially those who are eco-conscious consider this price well worth paying. Although we do realize that the higher cost may not make them a realistic option for everyone in every circumstance. For this reason we proudly offer both organic and traditional tees.

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