What are graphics?

Graphics are classified as visual representations on a surface. Photographs, drawings, graphs, numbers, diagrams, and maps are all examples of graphics. Three elements that graphics usually combine are text, color, and illustration.

Graphics are usually used to depict a certain style or it may be used to communicate a certain objective, such as business advertising the sale of goods or services. Commonly, graphic illustrations are what we think of when we see the word graphic. Illustrations are drawings, paintings, pictures, or other types of art that visually represent the message the designer is going for. Graphic illustrations are designed to tell a story in a visual picture type form. Along with some wording, these visual images help convey a message in a memorable, humorous or serious manner.

Graphic Illustrations are typically what we enjoy seeing on t-shirts, tote bags, hats and other types of clothing or accessories. Graphics are used to show creativity, uniqueness and human expression of an idea or theme. A lot of the most memorable graphics were intended to be funny and to make the viewer laugh and smile.

Graphics are also commonly represented using symbols. Symbols depict and idea or concept that is unique to an individual person, a business, a sports team and many other types of groups.

Computer graphics are also a well known type of graphic in today’s society. Computer graphics are either raster graphics or vector graphics. Raster graphics are graphics were each pixel is separately defined, such as in a digital photograph. Vector graphics are graphics where mathematical formulas are used to draw shapes and lines. These shapes and lines are then interpreted by the viewer to produce the graphic. Vector graphics are usually smaller in file size but they are still very sharp graphics.

Graphics can have the goal of being practical or imaginative. Graphics in the t-shirt world are usually transferred onto the t-shirt by the process of screen printing. Screen printing is a high-quality and long lasting choice for adding a custom graphic to t-shirts, tote bags, caps and many other products. Screen printing is especially an excellent choice for those that want a large quantity of t-shirts, caps or tote bags with the exact same graphic. Large quantities of screen printed graphics typically cost less per item, the more that is ordered. For example, ordering 150 shirts will cost less per shirt than ordering 50 shirts.

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