What are artwork fees?

Artwork fees are known as a set of fees that are charged when doing artwork and all the things that relate. This could consist of creating a design, modifying a design, color matching, and recreating a design. Setting up artwork is also a much more labor intensive task than many people realize so it is not uncommon for part of the artwork fee to be related for time and labor.

Here at You Design It, we make every effort we can to avoid charging our customers artwork fees. That is why after the order is placed we will do the artwork for free and if it is a custom done design that the customer sent in rather than a design that they created online in our design studio then we will also email them an artwork proof at no additional cost so that they can see a mock up of what it will look like prior to going into production.

However, since we do not charge our customers artwork fees and since setting up the artwork does cost us time and money, we are unable to offer complimentary artwork proofs for custom artwork before an order is placed. If it is necessary for you to see your custom artwork proof prior to placing an order then we are typically able to charge a small artwork fee upfront before the order is placed and send you your proof beforehand. However, we would much rather you save the money and do the artwork proof for free after the order is placed.

The good news though is that unless you do have your own custom logo that you want to have added to the shirt we do have our own online design studio where you can choose clipart from many different categories from our clip art gallery as well as adding text in an assortment of different fonts. The online studio allows you to set everything up yourself so that you can create your own virtual proof. Of course there is no charge for using the design studio, there is no obligation to order, we will keep your design completely private and confidential, and we will also keep it in our system for you so that you can pull it back up, days, weeks, or even months later and continue working on it.

We always try to make it as easy and inexpensive as possible for you to get the artwork that you want and we go out of our way to avoid art fees whenever possible. You could say that we do like them as much if not more than you do.

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