What are adjustable hats?

Adjustable hats are classified as any style of hat that allows for adjustments in the size of the hat. The adjustable feature can be found in various styles of hats such as, baseball hats, visors, and military hats. The adjustable hat is very popular taking into account it has the ability to fit many different sized craniums. Adjustments can be made through means of buttons, snaps, buckles, Velcro, and more. This type of hat can also be constructed out of many different materials, and it can be customized through means of screen printing or embroidery.

The most popular type of adjustable hat is probably the standard baseball cap. Baseball caps have been a staple type of head gear for men of all backgrounds. Women also enjoy throwing on a ball cap, especially on those all to familiar “bad hair days”! Adjustable caps are great because they can easily be made to fit most any size head. Women love them because all that extra hair can easily fit through the open portion in the back then adjusted to fit.

There are many different types of adjustable hats on the market. A few of the most common types of adjusters are snaps, Velcro, buckles and elastic. For the past 30 years, adjustable hats have commonly been on the market as a one-size-fits-all form with one of the previously mentioned types of adjustments in the back. Before that, hats were usually only made in certain standard hat sizes and were not adjustable. Most recently we have even become familiar with a new type of adjustment that makes a seemingly fitted hat... adjustable. This style is great for those individuals that want the stylish look of a fitted hat, but the flexibility of an adjustable hat.

Construction of adjustable hats vary depending on the style of hat that’s desired. Adjustable baseball caps are usually made of durable cotton, polyester or wool. There are typically 6 panels that are sewn together, forming a strong, durable and long lasting hat. The 6 panels commonly have eyelets or grommets that are sewn into each of the 6 panels to provide ventilation. Then panels typically come together at the crown and are topped with a fabric button, that is normally the same color as the hat. Adjustable hats also normally have a stiff bill that protrudes from the front of the cap to protect the eyes from sunlight.

Adjustable hats, like many other hats, can be customized using screen print or embroidery. Adding screen print or embroidery to any hat creates a desirable custom addition to an already sturdy, durable and long lasting product.

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