Does the weight of the t-shirt effect the price?

There are currently quite a few misconceptions and false beliefs floating around about the weight of a t-shirt in relation to its quality and price. The older, basic rule of thumb when it came to these criteria was that the heavier the shirt the more it would cost and the greater its quality. However, as we said that is no longer necessarily the case. The weight of a t-shirt does affect the price, but probably in more ways than you imagine. The lighter a shirt is, the more expensive a t-shirt can be. The heavier a t-shirt is, the more expensive a t-shirt can be. How is that possible you may ask?

The answer to how a t-shirt can be more expensive if it is either lighter or heavier is because there is a sweet spot in the middleweight level that is the least expensive of all three options. For example, a 4.3 oz lightweight Anvil Soft Cotton Tee costs more than their 5.3 oz. Similarly, the 6.1 oz t-shirt of the same brand costs more than the 5.3 oz tee as well. Normally the rule that the heavier a t-shirt was the more expensive it would be would apply, but in this case the 4.3 oz example of the lightweight Anvil Soft Cotton Tee breaks that rule because it was designed to be a speciality tee that mimics the style and comfort of American Apparel. American Apparel tees are also of course typically much more expensive than regular t-shirts.

American Apparel is largely responsible for the new trend toward lighter weight, softer style t-shirts. They have shown that a thin, lightweight t-shirt can be even more comfortable and more stylish than a regular or heavyweight shirt. Nowadays many other brands like Anvil and Hanes are also producing lighter weight, premium t-shirts that in turn or more expensive than traditional t-shirts.

Another notable exception to the old rule is of course the performance wicking t-shirts. They are very lightweight but typically cost considerably more than a regular t-shirt. That is of course by design to further help keep the wearer cool and comfortable. In general if people are ordering a performance wicking t-shirt they want and expect it to be lightweight.

All in all the safest bet for the least expensive standard t-shirt based on weight is in the 5 oz range. Our standard, most economically priced shirt is the Gildan Heavyweight, which despite the name is actually a middle weight t-shirt and weighs in at 5.3 oz. This is a great choice for a great price.

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