Do we get the total quantity price if we have multiple designs for printing at different quantities of t-shirts per design?

Unfortunately you do not get the total quantity price if you have multiple designs with different quantities per design. The reason is that we have to price every design separately. So each design will be quoted based on the quantity for that design. We are able to give a discount if there are multiple shirts being ordered by the same person with different designs. However, it will still not match up with the total quantity because that way of pricing is not possible.

The simple reason for this is that a big part of the pricing is based solely on the design being printed. There is a lot of setup involved with printing film and burning screens when doing screen printing because of the number of colors in the design. Each printing press is setup and dedicated for the print run of that design. This setup process is very labor intensive and time consuming and there is a big investment of materials and resources in each design.

We do value our customers’ business very highly and we will be glad to create package pricing based on as much of a discount as we can possibly give to get the multiple design order. This would be custom pricing depending on the number of orders, the designs, and the quantities per design. To get the package pricing though, all the orders would have to be placed at the same time.

Another good option if you are looking for a little bit of variety is to order multiple different colored shirts or different products. For example if you did the same design on ten hoodies and ten t-shirts then we actually could price you on a total of twenty pieces instead, allowing you to take advantage of the lower total discount. That is because the design would be the same and we could run the t-shirts and hoodies together. By the same token you would be welcome to order half black t-shirts and half red t-shirts and still get the total quantity price. This is a great way to still get a varied order while also being able to take advantage of the lower total discount price.

As always, all orders get free shipping and will ship out within 7 to 10 business days. This is another way that we do our best to keep your cost as low as possible and to offer as much value as we can on every order. We also have all inclusive pricing.

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