Does having just text and no design lower the price with screen printing?

This is one of the pricing misconceptions that we see on a regular basis. Many customers falsely assume that they can save money by only doing their design in text and not including any clipart or other graphics. However, this is not the case. Having just text and no design does not lower the price with screen printing. Screen printing pricing is based on the number of colors per print location. So as long as the text and the design are the same print color on the same print location, the price will be the same as just text or just a graphic design.

This means that it is actually cheaper to do a one color design that includes both text and clipart on one side of the shirt only then it would be to do only text printed front and back. By the same token, the only reason adding clipart would raise your price is if you added it to a new print location, or if you added it in a new ink color that you weren’t already using in that location.

To be more specific, if you are getting your design done with black text on the front of the shirt, then feel free to go ahead and add a black clipart design to the front as well at no additional cost. However, if you add that clipart to the back, or one of the sleeves, that would raise the price. Adding the clipart in red ink to the front of the shirt for instance would also raise the price since it would introduce a new ink color; however, adding it in black would not affect the price at all.

Remember though that the specific ink colors themselves have no bearing on the price. Doing a one color design in red ink is the same price as doing it in blue ink, or black ink, or white ink. By the same token any two color design will cost the same amount regardless of which two ink colors are being printed. With this information in mind it is much easier to get the best design possible for your money.

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