What is the standard size of a left chest embroidery location?

The standard size for a left chest embroidery location typically maxes out around 3.5 inches wide or 3.5 inches tall depending on the design being embroidered. Since the pricing for embroidery is determined by the stitch count, any increase in size will also increase its stitch count and ultimately the price. The price increases for both the setup, which is known as the digitizing, as well as the actual embroidery run for each polo or hat.

Since embroidery is considered a high end print method it is much more common to have a smaller design. This is not just for cost but also for a more sophisticated look and subtle decoration. Also, the smaller the embroidery design the less the design will pull on the shirt and cause bunching at the embroidery area.

We have embroidered many designs at less than 3.5 inches wide or 3.5 inches tall. The only concern that comes with smaller embroidery designs is if there is text in the design or if the design has a lot of detail. Sometimes with embroidery small text can come out with less definition and appear to be sloppy. This can really be a problem if it is the combination of small text and a thin font. It is usually best to increase the size of the text as well as to go with a bolder font to ensure the highest possible quality embroidery design. Increasing the size of the text does not affect the price too much because the stitch count doesn't go up too high. This is because text does not have a lot of surface area.

If you have a request for a specific size of embroidery for the left chest area please let us know that information. We will be glad to review that information and make suggestions or fulfill the request. We can usually look at a design before embroidery and predict its quality before the digitizing process. If something stands out to us, it is very easy for us to communicate that information to you. We are also happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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