What is the standard size of a full back print?

The standard size print area for a full back location with screen printing is 11 to 12 inches wide by about 11 to 12 inches tall. The sizing creates a print boundary box to fit the design within. If the design is more wide than it is tall then we will size it to be 11 to 12 inches wide and the height will be proportional, or by contrast if the design is more tall than it is wide we will do the same process and make sure that the width is proportional. By proportional we mean that the design will scale relative to whichever dimension is resized. In simpler terms, the design will not be skewed when resized and look like it is stretched or distorted. Everything will stay to scale. For instance a design that is sent to us in the dimensions of 6’’ wide X 3’’ tall, would be resized to be 12’’ wide X 6’’ tall, maintaining the same width to height ratio.

Our reason for explaining the standard sizing for a full back design to you is so that you will have the information you need to make the decision on your own or so you will know the parameters we work within when the size is at our discretion. This is not our max print size but rather our most common size for the majority of the designs we print.

Some of the questions you may want to ask yourself when determining the print size for a full back would be:

  • How bold should the message be?
  • How far would I want people to see the design?
  • Is there a lot of detail in the design that would be better for a larger print size?
  • Is the reason for the t-shirts to be subtle?
  • What is the majority of the sizes of the t-shirts or the gender wearing them?

These questions should clear up the decision-making process when determining the size of the T-shirt print for a full back. a good strategy we often recommend for customers who are still unsure, is to simply take out a ruler and measure out the size against an actual shirt. This is a great way to visualize everything and get a feel for exactly what you want.

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