What is the standard size of a left chest print on a t-shirt?

The standard print area for a left chest location is usually from about four to five inches wide by four to five inches tall depending on the layout of the design. By the layout of the design we mean that some designs are made to be taller and some designs are made to be wider. So in other words the look of the design will determine whether it is the width or the height that is used as the guideline.

As always, you can just go ahead and tell us exactly what size you prefer for the left chest area, but it is much more common for a customer to request that we size it to the standard size. Since we see plenty t-shirts all day every day we usually just make a judgment call based on the content of the artwork. If for instance the artwork has small text in it, then we may go with a larger size such as the 5 inches wide. This will ensure that the text is legible and works for the print. On the other hand if the design consists of a single piece of clipart, or just a few letters, we might go on the lower end of the spectrum.

Sometimes we get a design that has been created on the right chest area. We go with the same standard sizing for this site although it is much more uncommon and generally less preferred. The norm in the t-shirt printing industry is to print a small design on the left chest area as opposed to the right. The likely reason for this is that it is standard for a pocket to be on the left chest of a t-shirt as well.

If you are trying to decide the exact size in inches for your design, the best way to go about this is by actually putting a ruler up to a t-shirt that you have. That will give you the most accurate read and visualization for what you should get. You can then simply let us know the dimensions that you would like to see and we will be happy to accommodate that request.

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