Does the size of the print effect the price in screen printing?

One of the most common misconceptions that we hear from customers is that the size of their design will impact the price. For instance it is very common for customers to dismissively say something along the lines of “just a small design on the front” or to anxiously say, “I do want it pretty large on the back.” In both cases it is obvious that they are assuming that the print size will either raise or lower their price. However, In most cases the size of the print or design does not affect the price as many customers incorrectly assume.

Doing a large print does of course require the use of more ink to the job but not to such a degree that warrants special pricing. The reason why I say that in most cases a large design won’t raise the price is because this is true until you get to a print that is so large that it requires special equipment to produce. In this case the reason it would cost more is that it will need special, uncommon, expensive equipment to manufacture. Some screen printers aren’t even able to do these oversize style prints because they may not have the necessary equipment.

However, ignoring these rare cases when you need something printed so large that it requires oversize equipment, what it boils down to is that a 4" square print should cost as much as a 12" square print as long as there is the same amount of print colors. This also means that text cost exactly the same as a graphic. Adding more text, or adding more graphics, or doing both, will not impact the price at all unless you add the additional images in more print colors.

With screen printing it is the number of ink colors which plays a large role in the price. For instance, doing a small design with three ink colors will be more expensive than doing a big design with only one ink color. Printing in additional locations on the t-shirt also raises the price. That means that if you get printing on the front, back, and both sleeves, it will be more expensive than if you only got the same design printed on the front and back, which would be more expensive than only doing the front OR back (but not both). If you have any questions regarding pricing don’t hesitate to call or email and ask us.

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