Can you screen print on the pocket of a t-shirt?

We absolutely can. In fact we screen print on pockets of t-shirts all the time. It is a very common request when customers order one of our custom pocket t-shirts. However, there are just a few things I would like to make you aware of when requesting a screen printed design on the pocket.

The size of the pocket is actually pretty small. This really limits the size of the design that we can print. It also limits the amount of colors that we can print onto the pocket because of the possibility of poor registration occurring with multiple colors. Registration is the lining up of the colors to match the design for print. Hitting such a small space with the screen in the right location for multiple colors to match up perfectly against each other is a very difficult process. It is something we will gladly do but we typically limit the number of print colors on the pocket to about two.

Most often when we explain these limitations, our customers opt for us to print right above the pocket. We print above the pocket much more frequently than we do on the actual pocket itself. This allows us to print more colors in the design, line it up better, and make it larger overall. We definitely suggest this route almost every time. There are very few cases in which printing on the pocket is better than printing above the pocket.

There are even fewer cases in which we print both on the pocket and above the pocket. This is only possible when the design is not a continuous print, and is instead printed in each location separately. This costs more to do because in this case it would be considered two print locations since each one has to be set up and run separately. That is no problem for us and we are happy to do it; however, it does increase the labor, time, and materials involved and it is unavoidable that we have to charge extra to do it.

Typically the best route to take is to simply discuss what you want with us so that we can evaluate everything and let you know the best option. Sometimes people even decide to go a completely different route and get the design printed on the back, or lower on the shirt instead. Whatever the case we are happy to help.

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