Can you screen print on the front pocket of a hoodie?

Screen printing is possible on the pocket of a pullover hoodie is indeed possible. In fact, it can be a great idea to add a cool design on the pocket of the hoodies for your group or event. This uncommon placement will really stand out and will be an excellent attention getter. However, there are just a few limitations that we have to work with in order to print a design on the large front pocket of a sweatshirt and we’ll go over those now.

The biggest limitation to screen printing on the front pocket of a hoodie is the seam that surrounds the pocket to attach it to the hooded pullover. It is not possible to print a continuous design from the front of the garment onto the pocket because that would require crossing the seams which we are not able to do. The only way to print a design on the pocket is to print directly on the pocket without crossing over any of seams. The problem with crossing the seams is that it could cause the screen to bounce or move, resulting in a distorted, blurry print. It would also be unlikely that the print would be uniform from hoodie to hoodie. Thus it is much better all around to avoid crossing the seams.

Since the seam poses a problem with printing a continuous design, this forces the design to be small enough to fit on the pocket itself. However, unlike the case with printing on the hood, we are able to print multiple ink colors onto the pocket of the sweater. The reason for the difference in limitations is because registration is not an issue with printing on the pocket of the hoodie like it is with printing on the hooded part of the top. Thanks to the flatter surface of the pocket it is easier to keep a good, tight registration.

However, printing on the pocket of the hooded gear does add a new print location to the order since the pocket print will need to be printed separately. Adding this location will increase the cost of the order, just as it would to add a design to the back, sleeve, or hood of the hoodie. The extra cost may be a problem for a group that is on a tight budget; however, it also might not be an issue at all. It really just depends on the particular circumstances of your order.

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