Can you screen print on the hood of a hoodie?

We get this question quite often and the good news is that, yes, screen printing on the hood of a hoodie is possible. It is something that we are glad to do and we know that it can add that dynamic look that you are going for when designing custom printed hoodies. However there are certain limitations to printing on the hood of a pullover and it is also considered an additional location, and thus the pricing will reflect this extra location. The exact increase in price will of course depend on how many ink colors are printed in this new location.

The first restriction we want to discuss is the size of the print. The print size has to be relatively small when printing on the hood of a sweatshirt because of the shape of the hood. Remember that we have to take the fabric and put it on a flat surface to be able to print on it. Since the hood is already sewn onto the hooded pullover and thus is not completely flat, we are only able to print on each side without the print going from one side to the other. This gives us about a 5"x5" square within which to work.

We are also limited in terms of the the amount of ink colors that we can print since the working print area is so small. It would be hard to get the registration tight with multiple print colors because the hood would have to be held in the exact same spot for multiple screens. For this reason we are only able to print a single color on each side of a hood.

It is also important to know that we cannot print a continuous design from one side of the hood to the other. We dislike that limitation just as much as you probably do; however, unfortunately there is nothing that we can do to change that. We wish we could but it just isn't possible. In the cases in retail stores where you have seen that done before, it is because the fabric was printed flat before it was sewn onto the hoodie.

Printing names and/or numbers onto the hood of a pullover is also a request which we see fairly often, especially from sports teams and similar groups. This is possible, however, it does cost considerably more because of the additional location and the personalization of each hoodie. If you want to get something on the hood, we recommend adding a regular design as opposed to adding personalized names or numbers in that location. All in all we definitely can add something to the hooded portion of the sweatshirt, but we want to make sure that our customers understand the inherent limitations that are involved.

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