How does You Design It feel about printing copyrighted designs?

You Design It feels very strongly about copyright infringement. The artwork we use and have created in our custom artwork is cleared within the terms of use from the stock artwork provider. We try as much as possible to create artwork from scratch so that there is no concern. Many people believe that you can change an original piece of artwork a certain percentage or a number of times to clear a copyright but this belief is untrue and we do not operate under this assumption.

Many printers are willing to toe the line and see what they can get away with for short-term profits; however, You Design It is not one of those printers. If you knowingly have copyrighted work that you are willing to infringe on, please do not request work from us. We believe in the hard work of the individuals that created the artwork and do not want to challenge the legal system.

We believe in the laws and rules that are in place for copyright infringement and their protection for the creative artists (ourselves included). If we have an awareness that something is copyrighted and our customer does not have the rights to use the copyrighted/trademarked material, then we will refuse to print the job. We will also state that as the reason for refusal and encourage the customer to not try the same thing with the next printer.

One of the main things we see come up in terms of copyright related issues is when customers want to use trademarked characters in their own artwork. Unfortunately even if you are otherwise creating the artwork from scratch and having the character say something completely new and different we are still not able to print a trademarked character without the consent of the company or individual that owns the rights to that character. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

If you believe that something infringes on copyrights on our site, please feel free to let us know. If we find that the material is in fact infringing, we will quickly take it down and no longer use the infringing material. Again, everything that we use we have cleared with the best of our ability.

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