Can you print on the sleeves of custom hoodies?

Screen printing on the sleeve of a hoodie is very much like printing on the sleeve of a long sleeve t-shirt. It is something that is very doable and also something that we do quite often. But like most locations other than the front or the back of the garment, there are a few limitations that we have to adhere to when printing on the sleeve of hoodies. We will briefly cover those in this section.

The biggest limitation that we run into when printing on the sleeve of a hooded pullover is the length and size of the design. The length is limited to about 14 to 16 inches, much like the height of a regular design printed on the front or back of the hooded sweatshirt which would also be limited to this height. However, while this length is considered quite long, it does not run the entire length of the sleeve. This is important for the customer to be aware of since very often they visualize a design starting at the shoulder and going all the way down to the wrist. Unfortunately that would simply be longer than would be possible. In addition to the height/length restriction the width is also restricted. The width is limited to about 4 inches wide, because we have to print on a flat fabric surface and cannot print around the sleeve. Thus it is impossible to completely encircle the sleeve.

This causes the overall design to be rectangular and somewhat small. Any time that you have seen a design printed from the shoulder to the wrist, it is because it has been printed by a large format printer and typically before the fabric is even sewn together to become the hoodie. These types of designs are more common in retail stores and are not possible with domestic printing on hoodies that have already been manufactured.

Because of the awkward shape of the sleeve compared to the flat canvas of the front or back, we are limited to only being able to print one or two ink colors on the sleeves. This will ensure a tighter registration with a minimal amount of misprints which as you can imagine is very important. These restrictions, however, should not prevent you for printing a great looking design on the sleeve of your hoodie!

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