Can you print on the side of a t-shirt under the sleeve?

Yes, we can print on the side of a t-shirt underneath the sleeve. In fact this location is actually one that we print in quite often. The reason this this placement is possible is because t-shirts are manufactured in a tubular fashion. This means that there is not a side seam going from the sleeve to the bottom of the shirt. Instead the t-shirts are sewn together as though they are one big, continuous tube. This lack of a side seam makes it easy to line the t-shirt up on the platen to be printed with a screen.

The one limitation that we often run into with customers who want to print in this location is that very commonly they want to print a continuous design from the front of the shirt to the side. This is a problem because typically the design will be too large to fit on oversized screens. In this case our recommendation is to shrink the artwork down or shift the placement slightly.

Another possible problem arises on occasion when the sleeve is positioned in such a way that it stops the screen from actually reaching the fabric of the t-shirt. This can cause a less than uniform print as well as causing bumps and stretching of the mesh in the screens. As you can imagine this makes for a very unreliable, often distorted print. In these cases it is essential that the placement be adjusted so that there is good contact between the screen and the fabric of the t-shirt.

One final common misconception about printing under the sleeves on the side of the t-shirt is that you can print a continuous design from front to back. Unfortunately this just isn't possible because the platen is a flat surface and the design has to be limited in width. It would simply not be wide enough to reach from the front to the back of the t-shirt. A much better option is to print two distinct, non-continuous designs in each location.

All in all the best way to print under the sleeve on a t-shirt is by having a design created solely with the intention of it being on the side of the t-shirt. Often these side prints are very eye catching and they can absolutely add a lot to the design style being done. We are happy to oblige this request and as always if you are uncertain if a placement or design concept will work we will be happy to review it and let you know.

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