How does your order fulfillment work for orders placed online?

On average we begin working on an order placed online three hours after it is placed. We give this three hour window in case someone calls and has a change of heart or needs to make a critical change in their order. Once that three hour window closes, it is time to get down to business.

We first began by ordering the blank products from wholesalers so that they can make their way to us. We start checking on the order and if there any visible questions or concerns, it is during this time that we contact the purchaser and get those questions answered. An example of something that might come up would be a noticeably misspelled word in the design or the design going outside of the printable area. Another example would be low inventory and product ordered and us notifying the customer to explain the alternatives.

If everything is approved at this point, we begin preparing the artwork and getting it to the printer to set up for the print. This includes printing the artwork to film and burning the screens necessary for screen printing. If the job calls for embroidery, this includes sending the design off to get digitized so the embroidery machine can create the design.

Once we receive the products and the artwork is prepared for decoration, we check in the items and confirm the accuracy of the product color and size breakdown. All that is left is the printing and shipping.

Once we have the products printed, we check each item for quality control to ensure the print is the highest quality possible. Once the products have been checked for a final time, they are then boxed and prepared for shipping.

After the products are shipped we e-mail you the tracking number and encourage you to follow the package to your door. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing custom products and getting them to the. We pride ourselves in our innovative systems, quality control and personal care to make sure you get exactly what you ordered.

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