How does your order fulfillment work for orders placed offline with uploaded artwork?

Orders placed off-line over the phone are treated a little bit differently than those placed online. The reason for this is because they are typically special orders that we need to do something different with, such as editing the artwork or if the order has a special product request of some kind. The most common scenario is that the uploaded artwork came from off-line as opposed to in our design studio. Since that is the most common scenario we will go over the process of how uploaded artwork is treated in this answer.

The first step of course is for the order itself to be placed. To get the order finalized we need to receive the artwork itself, the size breakdown of the products, the shipping information, and the payment with a debit or credit card. Once we have all of these key ingredients we can begin the order.

The first thing on our end after the order is placed is to start by ordering the blank products from our wholesale vendors to get them in transit to us. This part of the process typically takes anywhere from one to three days, and while this is happen we start working on the artwork proof to send to the customer for approval or editing. Once the artwork has been approved, we send it to the printer to prepare it for print.

The printer then takes the artwork that will be printed and puts it on a film in order to burn the image to screens. If the product is for embroidery instead of screen printing then rather than being put on films and burned onto screens the artwork is instead sent off to get digitized so that the embroidery machine will have the instructions it needs to create the design. By this stage in the process the blank products have usually arrived and so they are now checked in for accuracy in color and size breakdown. After the accuracy has been confirmed the products are ready for production.

Next we print or embroidered the products and then send them through to their final stage of quality control and accuracy confirmation. After all the tees have been crossed and the i's have been dotted, the products are packaged and shipped. We then email the tracking number to the customer. We encourage customers to follow the progress of their package shipment while it is in transit to ensure that it successfully reaches its final destination.

We continually try to improve our processes and systems to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. We love to under promise and over deliver every chance we get. Please let us know what we can do for you.

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