If there is a mistake on my order, why do I have to email a picture of it?

If there is a mistake on your order the reason for e-mailing us a picture of that mistake is strictly for your convenience only. Please do not take this personally because we are not challenging your honesty or your opinion. All we are doing is confirming the error to see where the error originates from and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

The benefits of sending in the picture saves you time, money and effort in a big way. The time saved of having to send the t-shirts back and waiting for them to get to us will be a difference of days and possible weeks. It saves you the time of having to package the product up and taking it somewhere to ship. It gives us a chance for a very fast diagnosis and provides a written outlet for communication.

Sometimes the error in question is just a simple miscommunication or a difference in expectations. We have created systems that allow us to check and recheck the products in multiple stages of the printing process. There have been many cases, and I mean many, where what was perceived as a mistake was actually not one at all. Most times it comes down to the expectations not being in line with what was purchased.

If you send in the image and we see that we have made an error such as the wrong t-shirt color, the wrong artwork, or the artwork being printed in the wrong location such as back instead of front, then we get started on the replacement ASAP. While we are working on the replacement we will keep you informed of the process and let you know how soon you can expect to receive the replacement.

While we do admit that we make mistakes, they are very few and far between. This is not because we are perfect but because we have taken the errors of our ways in the past and improved on our systems to avoid them in the future. We take our mistakes very seriously and pride ourselves in providing the highest quality custom products possible. If we make a mistake, you better believe we're going to fix it. :)

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