What is the minimum quantity for reorders?

The minimum quantity for reorders is the same as the original minimum quantity for the print method on that product. For instance, that means that since the minimum for screen printing is six pieces, the minimum for both the initial first order and any subsequent reorder would also be six pieces. The same goes for the six piece minimum on embroidery orders. Digital printing has no minimums to begin with and customers are always welcome to order just one piece, be it their first order or a repeat order. The reason for this policy of having reorder minimums be the same as the initial order minimum is that most of the same factors that impacted the minimum requirement of the first order are still in play for a reorder. Those reasons include:

The Cost-Effectiveness of the Print

We have to have minimums so that the cost of all the setup and preparation before the print can begin is able to be defrayed across multiple quantities. If we screen printed one t-shirt for instance, it could cost well over $100 for that single t shirt. We know that you would probably think that we were crazy if we quoted you that amount, but it really would cost that much to produce the one shirt because of all of the expensive setup, labor, and materials that are needed to get an order ready for screen printing. Thus we don't offer screen printed singles because it wouldn’t be realistic.

Major Time Consumption

Much of the time spent printing t-shirts is actually in the setup and preparation beforehand. This cost is significantly lower when the volume of t-shirts increases for the print. The pricing and minimum quantities have dropped over the years significantly as the technology and equipment have improved allowing us to operate more efficiently. We hope that the trend will continue in the future and that someday we will be able to offer no minimums for high quality screen printing and embroidery. Right now, however, there would just be far too large of a time and labor investment to offer just one piece.

One would like to believe that the relatively new technology of digital printing can one day mash up with screen printing and offer a high quality hybrid of sorts. Where the inks are as strong as screen printing inks but are as easy to apply as digital printing. Right now that is not a reality, but we are definitely going to keep our fingers crossed. If it ever does become a reality we will adjust our minimums accordingly.

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