What are ways that I can lower the price for screen printing?

In order to know how to lower the costs for screen printing, you will first need to know how screen printing pricing is determined. They are three major factors that we look at when quoting screen printing. Knowing these three factors will make it much easier for you decide where you would like to cut your costs and lower the overall printing price. The first major factor is the actual product being chosen. If your price is high and you have a premium brand selected such as American Apparel, then inquire about the price with the same print on a more generic standard brand. Also if you have chosen a special t-shirt such as a performance wicking tee or a three-quarter sleeve baseball tee, then compare that price with a standard t-shirt as well.

The next major factor we use to determine the screen printing price is the quantity of t-shirts being purchased. We hire the quantity of t-shirts ordered - the lower the price will be per shirt. Every additional t-shirt added to the order will lower the price per shirt. Sometimes incrementally and sometimes for much larger amounts if you are closer to a major price break such as 13, 36, 72, 144, and 288. It is our practice to let you know when you're close on adding more shirts to get a much better price per shirt.

The third and final factor is the number of print colors per location on the t-shirt. This means that the actual content of the print does not matter as much as the number of colors in the print. So having graphics and text will cost the same as having just one of the two as long as the amount of printed colors is the same. Keep in mind though that is the number of printed colors per location. This means that a one color print on a front and a one color print on back equals two total colors printed. Even if the print on front is the same color printed on back, it will still equal two total print colors. And by the way, black and white are considered print colors.

If you change any one of these three factors the overall print price will change as well. Each factor is just as important as the other and can change the price drastically.

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