What are ways I can lower the price for embroidery?

The easiest ways to lower your costs for embroidery is to know how embroidery pricing is arrived at in the first place. After all once you understand how something works you can then work those specifications into your order. There are three factors considered when getting a price for embroidery and all three are equally important. Knowing these three factors will make it much easier for you to get the best possible price within your budget.

The first factor looked at is the product being chosen. This portion of the price can vary from a low amount to an extremely high amount depending on the style of product or the brand. For instance if you choose a generic brand such as Hanes for the foundation for your embroidery project you will start out at a fairly low amount. On the flip side, if you choose a highly technical Nike polo, the base of your price will begin pretty high.

The next major factor in embroidery pricing is the number of products being purchased to be embroidered on. The higher the quantity of products selected -- the lower the price will be per product. Adding additional products to the order can lower the price per product. Ask us if your quantity is near a price break if you're able to add a few extra products.

The final factor in embroidery pricing which is very different from screen printing is the size of the designs being embroidered per location. The number of colors don't affect the price assuming that the design is eight colors or fewer per location. What does matter is if the size of the design is larger than 4000 to 6000 stitches. A high stitch count can really jump up the price quickly even if the other two factors in embroidery pricing are low.

Knowing these three factors should make it much easier for you to lower your price. If you think you have done as much as you can and still find the order too costly then please feel free to ask us if there are any other ways you could lower your price and we will be glad to help.

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