Is there any way to wash digital printed t-shirts to make them last longer?

When it comes time to wash and dry digital printed t-shirts there are many precautionary steps that can be taken to keep the design looking in its prime. In fact proper washing is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your shirt looking its best. Let’s go over a few tips.

When it is time to launder a digital printed shirt it is best to turn the garment inside out to keep any unnecessary friction from rubbing the design. Another step to take into consideration when washing is to wash your item on a delicate cycle if possible. These gentler washing techniques can make a big difference.

Shirts printed with the digital printing process are going to be more sensitive to washing and fading than shirts printed with the screen printing method. That is because while the digital technology has made a lot of improvements in recent years it still has a long way to go before it is up to the same quality and durability as screen printing. Some fading and wear will naturally occur with time and it is accelerated with washing. That makes proper care and washing even more important.

It is also very helpful to make sure to use a safe, non-harsh laundry detergent on your digital printed shirt. Of course regular laundry tips like not bleaching your digital printed t-shirt and not washing whites with colors is also very relevant in this situation. Another straightforward step that is very important is to make every effort to avoid getting tough stains on the shirt in the first place. If they do occur, then try to get them out before they set. Washing in cooler water will also help reduce the amount of fading and other wear that will occur.

With good care you can maximize the lifespan of your digital printed t-shirt and enjoy it for as long as possible in the best condition possible. While digital printing is best used for a small number of wears it can last quite a bit of time when properly cared for. Enjoy your shirt!

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