Is the Gildan Heavyweight considered a heavy t-shirt?

The name Gildan Heavyweight can be a bit deceiving because it is actually not considered a heavy t-shirt. The actual weight of the Gildan Heavyweight is 5.3 ounces, which puts it right in the middleweight category. It is a 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt and it is also our most affordable and economically priced t-shirt. It is a very popular choice that is available in over thirty colors and which comes in all sizes from Youth Extra Small all the way up to Adult 3XL. This makes it a very popular choice when people need a shirt that will be worn by a huge range of differently sized people.

The Gildan Heavyweight is actually lighter than its more expensive counterpart - the Gildan Ultra Cotton. The Gildan Ultra Cotton is a 6.1 oz 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt. The Gildan Ultra cotton is available in some colors up to size 5XL, and like the Gildan Heavyweight it also goes all the way down to Youth Extra Small. It has a little bit of a softer touch to the feel than the Gildan Heavyweight, but overall it is generally the same cut as the Gildan Heavyweight.

Although the Gildan Heavyweight is not considered heavy, it is also not the lightest shirt we have. Many people are specifically looking for a thin, lightweight shirt and for that reasons shirts in the lightweight category are typically around 4.5 ounces instead. Thus though the Gildan Heavyweight has the word “heavyweight” in its name it is neither heavyweight nor lightweight; it is middleweight.

You may be wondering why it is called the Gildan “Heavyweight” then, and frankly we aren’t sure either. That is simply the name given to it by its manufacturers: Gildan. It may reflect a marketing decision or perhaps it reflects a time when 5.3 ounces was considered heavyweight in the t-shirt industry. Either way customers should be aware that it is actually a medium weight t-shirt. It is nevertheless a really great choice and often the fact that it is neither especially heavy nor light is a major benefit. Some people prefer heavy shirts and some people prefer light shirts; a medium weight shirt may be an excellent compromise. We think the Gildan Heavyweight is a great t-shirt for a great price.

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