Is the artwork proof to scale?

This is definitely something that confuses a lot of customers. The artwork proof that you receive is actually not to scale, and there are a few reasons for this. One of the main reasons is simply because we do not specify what size t-shirt the digital t-shirt represents. For instance if the shirt is a youth medium, that’s going to change the scale quite a bit compared to something like an adult XXL. Of course it is impossible for us to specify what shirt the t-shirt template represents, because we ourselves have no idea what sizes you will be ordering and in nearly all cases the customer orders a range of different sizes anyway.

Another important reason why we cannot make the proof to scale is because different t-shirt styles have different cuts and the proof isn’t anatomically correct or exact. For instance a shirt like American Apparel is more of a fashion fit style tee, whereas a shirt like the Gildan Heavyweight is a unisex tee with a more boxy cut to it.

We do however provide you with the exact specs of the design as it will look on the screen for the print. So when you see 11’’ wide specified on your screen that means that the design will be printed exactly 11’’ wide on the actual t-shirts that you receive. You can hold up a ruler and verify that. The main thing to keep in mind is that 11’’ wide will look different on different shirts. If the design is printed on a youth shirt that will take up most of the shirt width. On the other hand if it is on a plus size adult shirt there will be much more blank shirt left over.

The best way for you to determine if the sizing is correct before you get the shirts, is to hold a ruler up to yourself or a friend and visualize how big the design will actually be. It may sound silly but it is very accurate. We actually do it all the time to determine the size ourselves. As we said above, remember that while the design itself will be printed exactly the same on all shirts, the way it looks in relation to the shirt will vary depending on the shirt size. For this reason if you have a wide range of shirts it is important to figure out a size that will be okay for all the shirts.

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