Is it possible to print on the sleeves of a shirt?

One thing that we come across quite often is customer who would like to get a design printed on the sleeve of their t-shirt and are wondering if that is something we are able to do. More often than not the answer is yes!

Nowadays sleeve prints are growing in popularity as they are becoming more and more associated with trendy, stylish designs. Sleeve prints are also a great way to add an extra layer of depth and character to the t-shirt and to set it apart from the standard front and back only prints that are much more common.

However, with that said, the sleeve is a much smaller space to work with and there are some limitations to what we can and cannot do. It's no problem at all to add a small design to the sleeve; however, doing a large design on the sleeve won't work for obvious reasons: there just isn't enough space. We're also not able to do a continuous design that wraps all the way around the sleeve and since we are unable to cross over any seams with screen printing we also can’t print a design which starts on the body of the t-shirt and crosses over onto the sleeve in a continuous way. Again though a small, isolated emblem or a few words of text is just fine for printing on the sleeve and will come out looking great.

Regarding the pricing, adding a sleeve print does add to the cost. The price for screen printing is determined based on how many colors are printed as well as how many different print locations are used. In general the fewer the number of print colors and print locations the lower the cost. Adding a sleeve print would be considered adding a new location and would impact the price accordingly, and of course the more ink colors used in the sleeve print the more it would raise the price. We're very happy to help you get your sleeve print design done. So please just let us know what you have in mind.

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