Is it possible to print on the sides of a t-shirt?

Yes, it is possible to print on the sides of a t-shirt. While most screen printers will shy away from this location, we welcome it. It is a print location that has become much trendier and more popular in recent years and it can really add some depth and character to the overall concept of the design.

People these days are looking for new and innovative ways to print their shirts so they can attract the most attention possible. This location of printing is one of the best places to attract attention because it deviates from the norm and allows a new section of the shirt to be opened up for creative expression. As long as the t-shirts are produced tubular, meaning there isn't a side seam going from the sleeve down to the bottom of the shirt, then it is possible. The good news is that most t-shirts are tubular.

This can and will, in most cases, add to the overall pricing of the print project. This is because it is considered a new, separate printing location and so of course is priced like a new printing location. The standard printing locations are of course just the front and back; however, the side would be a new location, as one each sleeve if you wanted to do a small design there as well. As a general rule the fewer the number of ink colors and locations printed the lower the cost per shirt. That means doing one ink color in one location is going to be a good bit cheaper than doing one ink colors in several locations, and of course doing several ink colors in several locations will add quite a bit to the cost.

With that said, it is no more expensive to use the side as a print location than it would be to use any other location. So a 1 color front and 1 color side, would be priced the same way as a 1 color front and 1 color back. That means that doing a side print is definitely worth considering if you want to add that extra dimension to your t-shirt design.

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