Is it possible to order custom t-shirts with no minimum?

Yes, ordering custom t-shirts with no minimums is made possible through the process of digital shirt printing which is also occasionally known as direct to garment (DTG). This means that you can order as few as a single customized t-shirt and have it delivered to your door at an affordable price. There are a few things to keep in mind however, and we will briefly touch on those.

The first thing to consider is that Digital shirt printing is a fairly new technology and it continues to grow and improve, the single printer makes it easy and affordable to produce one shirt at a time. This method of direct to garment printing shows the best results when darker ink is used on light colored shirts. That is because the machine itself works in a similar way to an inkjet printer, but of course for t-shirts rather than paper. For this reason a darker colored shirt is not an option because the dark shirt would distort the lighter colored ink. By the same token an ink color that is too light, such as white for instance, is not possible on any color shirt because it is so light that it will be distorted by any shirt color.

Digital printing is typically done on orders of one piece up to five pieces. At six or more pieces the preferred method of customization is screen printing. That is because at lower quantities screen printing isn't a realistic option due to very high cost on small order. At six or more pieces though screen printing typically becomes more cost effective than digital printing while still allowing increased options compared to digital printing. For example unlike with digital printing, with screen printing you are able to get any ink color printed on any shirt color and it will come out just fine.

Another thing to keep in mind with digital printing is that it isn't quite as long lasting and durable as screen printing. There is more fading over time with the design, especially with repeated washing. However, nevertheless digital printing offers a great option for people who only want to order a single shirt, or only a few shirts, with their own custom design.

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