Is it possible to customize your own golf polo’s and hats?

Yes, in fact golf hat and polo customization is very popular and is easy as 1-2-3. With brands such as Nike and Adidas it is hard to pass up the great deals available for these customized items. The polo’s and hats can be customized with designs or logos, and they are very popular with businesses and sports teams.

Polo style shirts are very popular in the business community, as part of a business casual look and they are also a great look for every day attire. Some individuals may wish to embroider their company logo, company name or even the person’s name or initials. These additions are an excellent representation of a cool, professional appearance.

Polo’s come in several different styles. A simple 100% cotton polo is the most affordable polo available. Pima cotton polo’s are an upscale, high quality fabric that looks professional and feels great on. Pima is a very durable, yet soft cotton, that will last a long time. Another type of polo that is becoming increasingly popular is the performance or wicking polo. These polo’s are stylish and offer the innovative moisture wicking technology. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for outdoor events, such as a business golf meeting perhaps.

Hats are also an excellent representation of a company’s business logo or name. Hats are a terrific promotional product for company’s or groups. Hats that are well made and fit right, that have a nice embroidered name or logo, can immediately transform the person wearing it into a walking billboard for your company or group. A lot better than spending thousands of dollars on an actual billboard.

Hats and polo’s are customized through the precise technique of embroidery. This method employs an electronically automated machine which directs the thread and needles to create a desired logo or graphic. Embroidery is a durable, long lasting stitch that looks great on hats and polo’s. We use high quality thread that won’t easily break or fray, so rest assure that you will be able to wear your custom hat or polo for a long long time.

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