Is black considered a print color with screen printing?

Yes, black, like any other ink color, is considered a print color if it is an ink color which will need to be printed onto the shirts to appear in the design. The ink color itself, actually doesn’t have any bearing whatsoever on the pricing; it is only the number of ink colors which are actually being printed in each location on the shirt which affect the price.

This means that if black is being printed on the shirt then black is considered an ink color. The only time black would not be considered an ink color (other than if it is not involved in the design at all of course) would be if the design were being printed on a black shirt. In that case what is typically done is that all parts of the design which use black would essentially be transparent and the black of the shirt would just come through in the final design rather than being printed.

However, this is in no way unique to black and would be the same for any shirt/ink color combination. For example if the design uses black and red and is being printed on a red shirt, then typically the red shirt would be used in place of the red in the design and thus black would be the only print color. This is also an effective way to lower the price and reduce the number of ink colors since doing a black and red design on a black or red shirt will be cheaper for the customer than doing a black and red design on, for example, a yellow shirt (or any other color shirt) since in that case both colors would need to be printed.

Typically we do not recommend printing the same ink color on the shirt as the shirt itself. That is because not only will it increase the price, but it is usually so difficult to see that most people can not tell the difference anyway. They only exception is if the shirt is a different shade of the color being printed. For example of course it makes sense to print navy blue ink on a light blue shirt if the design calls for navy blue. However, there would be no reason to print light blue ink on the light blue t-shirt.

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